Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The long road starts here

Dreaming about being a published writer isn't enough, I need to get out there and do it..... however long it takes.  I've had my name in print via a column for Knitting Magazine and have also had a short story published in our local Adult Education Centre magazine.  Since then I've been concentrating on writing a novel.  I'm now on my fifth, having consigned my earlier attempts to the room 101 folder on my hard drive. 
I'm a member of the brilliant local writing group Tring Writers Circle where there's no shortage of feedback, advice and encouragement which has made a huge improvement to my writing.
My current novel is going really well, I'm having a lot of fun writing it and think it's going to be worth submitting when it's finished.  I recently pitched the basic plot at the Get Writing Conference and had a very positive response which has spurred me on to start pounding the keyboard at every opportunity.  With a day job, an allotment and chauffeur to our children to keep me busy there's not a lot of spare time left so I'm setting myself a goal to complete one chapter a week .....


Victoria said...

Good luck with that fifth novel!!

And with the blog.


sandra said...

Thank you so much ... it's getting there, had a flash of inspiration this morning to resolve a scene that was holding me up last night. Yippeee, full steam ahead :)

Alison Runham said...

Well I said I'd 'date' your blog - and here I am!

Do you write short fiction at the moment, or are you just concentrating on the novel?

Consider all your writing endeavours, including this blog, sprinkled with the sparkly stardust of creativity! (although I'm possibly more a pumpkin than a fairy godmother - not physically, you understand!)

sandra said...

Hello Alison,
I've been avoiding short fiction in favour of the novel but started a short story a couple of weeks ago which I'm thinking of entering into the Winchester Writers Conference competition.... Was listening to a Fay Weldon audio book and had this burst of an idea which I scribbled down at top speed and need to get it onto the omputer and finished. It's very different to my normal writing and a good diversion from the novel.
How about you? Do you do purely fiction or non fiction too?
It's great fun doing a blog - feel very much in the dark about it all but v exciting.

Phillipa said...

Good luck with your writing, Sandra.

sandra said...

Thank you so much Phillipa