Sunday, 5 June 2011

Short Story Comp

It's coming up to Tring Writers annual writing competition.  This year's challenge is to write a short story on the theme Enduring Love.  Had a great idea for the ending and worked backwards from that.  I'm still perfecting it, the judging's this coming Wednesday and entries need to be in by Tuesday (it was last Friday but it's been extended).  Never let it be said that I would hit the send button without utilising every spare moment to edit  a submission.  A small tweak here, a longer one there .... so hard to leave something alone when you've still got 48 hours to plug up the gaps, spot any inconsistencies in the timing.  It's just about there, will take one last look tomorrow afternoon and then ping it away to its fate, then I can get back to the novel.... yes the novel.  It's beginning to take shape but need to get on with some research so I can write with authority ....... indoor sky-diving here I come.

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