Thursday, 19 April 2012

Classic FM ....

I'm about half way through Chapter 10 and have broken through the 20,000 word barrier.  Assuming I'll reach the magic 60,000 that means I'm 1/3rd the way through already .... ok so I've got 2/3rds to go but I'm working on that.  Our computer is stuck in a corner on the otherside of a small wall - in the corner of which stands our tv.  I do the majority of my writing in the evenings when the tv's on.  I was finding it difficult to concentrate - trying get writing done when you've got the Dave Channel permanently blasting into your right ear isn't ideal.  Then I discovered Classic FM ... it's simple, I plug myself into whatever programme's on ... usually Smooth Classics ... and type away into the night without interruption.  I tried going onto You Tube and choosing favourite tracks but I ended up being carried away with watching the videos, looking for other tracks/bands and generally having so much fun that I forgot I was supposed to be writing .... but who could resist Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Jethro Tull/James Taylor/The Style Council/Judi Tzuke/Slade etc. crooning into your ears at 11.30pm?  Once I'm plugged into Classic FM there's no words to sing along to .. or look up when you can't remember them ... just some great background music to block out the monotony that is Dave :)

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