Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Query sent

Having put it off for the last month I have sent the first three chapters plus synopsis to the agent whom I met at this year's Get Writing Conference.  She'd sent me an encouraging email after the conference plus also passed on comments from an editor who I was due to meet but had been unable to attend.  According to the website if they don't contact you within two months then they're not interested ... so by that score I might hear by the beginning of January but then again I might not.
It's difficult knowing what to concentrate on for NaNoWriMo ... either make a start on book 2 or do I start something new??  Not wanting to spend too much time on book 2 in case the fate of book 1 is to remain on my hard drive I've been doing a mix of the two but am very short of the daily target word count.  I haven't got anything on during the evenings this week so am planning to get a few thousand words down by the weekend ...

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