Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Brilliant masterclass .......

The SCWBI masterclass was brilliant, a great session from Lil Chase which really made me re-think how to go about plotting/structuring a novel.  I made copious notes which I'll definitely be referring to over and over in the future.  As part of the session we had to write an elevator pitch for our wip.  I've always found these even more terrifying than a synopsis .. at least with a synopsis you've got more than 4/5 sentences to get it right. You know what your book's about but to try and get it into 5 sentences is near enough impossible but I did it and even read it out loud to the rest of the group. 
The session was held just off Leicester Square so after the masterclass was over we had to go to the bar afterwards .... it would have been rude not to and several drinks later (all non alcoholic as I was driving) emerged into a bright sunny afternoon and walked straight into a demonstration marching down the Strand, caught a bus up to Oxford Street and tried on a couple of dresses in Debenhams before going home. 
All together a fabulous day out and one I'd recommend to anyone writing children's/YA fiction.

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