Monday, 12 November 2012

Made it ....

So I didn't manage to write the extra 14K needed by the 14th BUT I did finish the novel, synopsis, plot plan and covering letter and get into the post in time to make the Chicken House deadline.  Was a little unnerving shoving my manuscript into the sack slumped next to the post office counter ... it was far too late to make any changes or even retrieve it from the bag as the next person in the queue dumped a huge parcel on top of mine.  
I've had my first rejection which I'm very proud of as you've got to start somewhere.  I entered it into a competition run by a specialist publisher dealing in science fiction/fantasy ... didn't think it would fit in with their list but it was worth a shot and now I can legitimately create a spreadsheet detailing submissions/rejections. 
Since posting it off I've taken a couple of weeks' breather and started on a new idea ... this time for an adult novel.  It's a theme I've been picking over for ages and have written a few hundred words as a starter.  It's gone off in an entirely different direction than I'd originally planned which is great as every time I dip into it something new comes into my mind. 

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