Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rejection Number 2

Life's Breath didn't make the Chicken House long list .... I'd known it wouldn't but somewhere inside there was that ho hum feeling of disappointment, and another rejection to chalk up on my spreadsheet... Total is now 2:)
I'm in the middle of a major edit, have made quite a few changes and am about to hack into two middle chapters which I suspect are too far fetched even for the world my heroine is living in.  I've booked my slot for this year's Get Writing Conference in Hatfield.  Last year I said that I wouldn't do any more pitches (especially the terrifying 3 minute ones)... the day before I booked my place I announced I wouldn't be pitching this year.  So what did I go and do ..... of course, booked myself a 10 minute face time and 5 minute pitch as well.  It's spurred me into action and I'm now ploughing through the edit so it's in good shape for the conference.

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