Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A year ... really???

Firstly how shocking that it's been nearly a whole year since I've posted anything :(
Was a very eventful year with, unfortunately, work taking up far more time than it should have, meaning I had to push the writing to the back of the pile.
I'm now back and with a couple of success stories to post ...
*  I wasn't placed in last year's Get Writing Cup but to make the final 10 on my first try was a pretty amazing achievement.
*  I won our local writing group's annual short story competition in July, a real highlight to the year.  I still haven't had my name engraved on the cup so I need to get that sorted out before this summer's competition
*  I entered a short story in this year's (2014) Get Writing Cup and have again made it into the final shortlist of 10 - so excited and was joined by my daughter in a mad celebratory dance round the living room.

I've booked myself three slots at this year's conference - a five minute pitch plus two facetime sessions.  I've sent the first chapter of my young adult novel to both facetime slots as I'd love to have two independent opinions on both the writing and the concept of the novel.  I'll probably stick to the same novel in the 5 minute pitch .... I've got a couple of other ideas for novels but they're not entirely 'there' yet and I've hardly written anything on them either !!  I've been doing a lot of editing on my YA novel over the last month or two, trying to hone it into shape for the conference.  I think depending on what feed back I get my next move will probably be either ditch the whole project and start something new or get my finger out, completely finish the edit and then start sending it out for feedback or maybe try somewhere like Cornerstones for some advice/editing first.

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