Friday, 4 April 2014

An incredible week

Last Saturday's Get Writing conference was excellent.  I went to three great workshops : Science Fiction, Fantasy & Proper Novels by Toby Frost, World Builidng in Historical Ficion by Liesel Schwarz and a two hour Constructing Character and Plot workshop run by MR Hall and William Ryan which really got us thinking and working on plot/character ideas for a potential thriller.
My short story stayed in the top ten and didn't win a prize but ....... my pitches/face time sessions went amazingly well.
One of the people I was due to see was unwell, the agent that I saw instead had some great ideas and pointers to think about for my YA novel.  After lunch it was my second 10 minute face time .... the agent I saw said she loved the idea behind my novel, thought the writing and dialogue was great and wants to read it once it's finished and said I should mark my submission for her attention so that it by-passes the slush pile.  Cue more manic dancing (once I'd got home of course).
Since the conference I received an email with comments from the person I was meant to see but who was unwell .... she didn't have any more to say other than it's a strong concept, great first chapter and that she'd love to work with me either on that novel or anything else that I write..  This message was forwarded to me by the first person I saw who reiterated that view and also said she'd love to see the manuscript once it's written.
I'm trying not to get too excited as the chances are they'll all hate it once they've read the whole thing but it's been an amazing week and such a boost to receive such positive comments.
So I've been hard at it all week and am about 1/4 way through my second edit ... I'm trying not to rush things but at the same time I don't want to take so long that they forget about me!!!

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