Thursday, 18 September 2014

Nearly there

Well my over optimistic plan to finish the edits by the end of May failed.  By the end of June I had come to the conclusion that the majority of chapters needed a lot of rewriting so I set about doing a very hard edit .... the result of this meant I ended up with a novel of just 48,000 words and well short of my 60,000 goal. 
Since then I have been adding/revising daily - I even took it on holiday and made a lot of notes/revisions on the wonderful Isle of Mull.  Last night I began revisions on the final chapter which will be completed by this Saturday.  It's currently being proof read by a very good writing friend and colleage from Tring Writers Circle plus her son is reading it as well and I'm going to get my husband to have a read through too. 
A couple of months ago I emailed one of the editors I'd met at this year's Get Writing Conference.  During my 10 minute facetime session with her she'd been really keen to see the manuscript first and asked me to contact her when it was ready.  So I duly emailed her explaining where I was with the novel and asking if she was still keen to see it but to date she hasn't replied ... I'm not bothered if it's a no and she's not interested, but a reply would have been curteous.  (Nearly wrote the dreaded 'nice' there).
So ... once it's been proof read I'm planning to contact the other agent who very kindly emailed me after we'd met with further feedback and also asking to see it when it was finished.  Fingers crossed I'll get a reply :)

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